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Failure of your mission-critical equipment is not an option. STULZ’s reputation for quality and reliability relies on the aftersales service that we deliver daily. We provide expert, responsive and reliable support services to ensure the best possible operating performance of your equipment.


We are proactive in our approach and our strong commitment to quality service has earned us a reputation as a trusted advisor in the industries we serve.

Emergency Response

Our own highly experienced technicians are permanently on call, and ready to act 24/7, 365 days a year.
STULZ technicians are highly trained to diagnose and resolve a problem quickly,
ensuring the facility doesn’t overheat or the servers shut down–minimising any downtime.
With our intimate product knowledge, tools and special software, we always find a solution.
Peace of mind all day every day.

Mission critical service and maintenance

We offer proactive planned service and maintenance packages or even customised packages to cater to your needs
 - budget, levels or redundancy, manned or unmanned sites and risk appetite.
A comprehensive maintenance program involves a proactive plan to extend the life of your equipment
and ensure it continues with optimum performance as well as minimises risk of downtime
by identifying a problem before it becomes one.

Professional advisory services

Our team of specialists are here to offer you advice and deliver a bespoke solution to your needs.
We conduct regular site audits at all life stages of the project, end of life replacements,
offer best practices recommendations and equipment and facility optimisation.

Remote monitoring

Continual monitoring of all mission critical equipment helps defend against any adverse change in the environment.
Combined with our Emergency Response we’ve got your facility covered to ensure all equipment remains fully functional.

Spare parts management

We maintain the most comprehensive inventory of spare parts in the country, which are available at short notice.
This ensures a reduction in repair time (MTTR), minimal unplanned downtime, and helps to avoid higher shipping costs.

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